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What The NFC Victory In The Pro Bowl Told Us About The Falcons

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Nothing. I mean hey, it's just the Pro Bowl.

But even though nobody's particularly revved up for this game, our Falcons were playing against the best of the best out there. Some of our favorite Falcons even played a big role in the shootout win over the AFC, which is always a good feeling.

After the jump, let's look at the individual performances from our beloved birds.

  • Matt Ryan's first pass was an interception. He then proceeded to eviscerate the AFC secondary, completing ten of his next twelve, sprinkling in a couple of touchdowns. Worried about Ryan after his one bad game against the Packers? I wouldn't be.
  • Michael Turner put up 53 yards on 8 carries, which was pretty stellar. It's easy to forget just how effective the Burner can be when he's got quality blocking and some rest under his belt. All the more reason for the Falcons to ease off the throttle with his carries in 2011.
  • Ovie Mughelli had two carries for 3 yards and a touchdown. I feel totally comfortable calling Mughelli the best fullback in the NFL.
  • Roddy White led all receivers—stop me if you've heard that before—with five catches for 69 yards. Rowdy Roddy remains one of the best receivers in the NFL.
  • Tony Gonzalez looked sharp, reeling in three catches for 42 yards and a touchdown. He'll at least be a valuable possession threat for the Falcons in 2011.
  • John Abraham had a tackle. I don't think any less of John Abraham.
  • Brent Grimes had a pick. I feel like that sentence has become mundane, because Grimey so often does this sort of things.
  • Somehow, Eric Weems didn't get any kick returns. What?