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Falcons' Owner Arthur Blank Doesn't See Big Changes Ahead For His Team

To no one's surprise, fans have been calling for changes to the Atlanta Falcons. Whether you believe their struggles in the NFC Divisional round were tied to coaching or the team's talent level, standing pat isn't something that the fanbase is eager to do.

It's worth remembering that this team is only a few pieces away from making a lot more noise in the playoffs, so it may be misguided to suggest that sweeping changes are needed. Though he admits in an interview with Jeff Schultz that the loss still stings, Arthur Blank seems aware of that:

Reactionary owners do their teams no favors, and Blank is wise enough to stay out of the way of his decision makers despite the crushing disappointment he has to be feeling. What the Falcons need now is a couple of smart free agent acquisitions, a quality draft and a gut check. None of that will be accomplished by cleaning house or demanding blockbuster moves, and thankfully Blank will do neither.

Illuminating read, either way. Check it out.