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Saturday Six Pack: Pro Bowl Weekend Edition 1/29/11

I think they said that a few Matty Ice 6 packs is good for the flu....maybe.
I think they said that a few Matty Ice 6 packs is good for the flu....maybe.

Good morning, Falcoholics. This weekend, several of our Falcons greats will suit up to represent the team in a halfhearted game against the AFC's best. The game could be made better by having a draft type setting just like the NHL did this year. That would be fun.

I'll be honest. Today, I was hit by the flu hammer (or something.) and my desire to do much of anything has gone out the window. That said, this might resemble more of an effort akin to "booty sweat" and not "typical awesome me". That ALSO said, in my observations of the Falcons news, only the AJC has much to do with anything.

Now, let's get this AJC filled Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

AJC: Leading off this Pro Bowl weekend, some pictures from Abe, the team's Pro Bowl photographer! I love seeing that the guys are all having a good time, including Abe, who's been there a few times. Didn't see any pix of Gonzo, though. He must've been All-Pro Dieting his way to victory and/or catching 1000 balls from the Jugs machine.

Next on the list, some pics of Matty and Smitty, along with some interesting stats! It's kinda hard to believe that so many players are on the cusp of breaking all these Pro Bowl records. You'd think that some of the players who went to the Pro Bowl many times would have had more success. I also love that Matty is getting the opportunity to be in the Pro Bowl and have a chance to learn some valuable knowledge from the league's top players.

Next on the list, former Falcons star Bobby Butler's son didn't get fair shake at USC. This is an interesting story and could go either way as far as it being Kiffin's fault or Brice Butler's for not being good enough. It's an interesting read.

Next, DOL lays the awesome hammer on offensive needs, defensive needs, and special teams/coaching needs. As you all know, DOL does good work on everything he does Falcons related, and I wouldn't be doing this today without him. Hah!

Last stop on the non-humorous train, some Dimitroff quotes and some Titus Young noise. I've jumped on the Titus Young bandwagon, myself. I think he's gonna be really good in the NFL and he's got good character, too.

Random Funny: I saw this image at a friend's house and found much humor in it for a reason I failed to explain. One of those players was, at one time, an Atlanta Hawk. Care to guess which one it was?