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The Great American Stat Awards: Most Valuable Special Teamer

Favorite pseudo-Madden quote of all time: "Special teams plays like that aren't very special ..."

Join me after the jump for something special (promise it's nothing creepy) ...

(1) Weems

Gunner, punt returner, and kick returner: he really can do everything. Weems averaged 32.5 yards/kick return this year, which was the best kick return average in the league. Ahead of guys like Cromartie (second-best kick return average) and Leon Washington (third-best kick return average).

He also led the team in kickoff return tackles with 15 (8th highest total league-wide) and posted the 5th highest punt return average league-wide (minimum 15 attempts) at 12.8 yards/kick return.

Somebody (I'm talking to you Comrade) give that man an extension!

(2) Bryant

4th most FGM (Field Goals Made) in the league (28).

Hit the only 50 yarder he attempted all year, was 8/10 in the 40-49 yard range, was 8-9 in the 30-39 yard range, and was 11/11 in the 20-29 yard range.

Had the 3rd highest field goal percentage (90.3 percent) in the league (minimum 20 attempts). If he'd missed one less FG, he'd have the highest field goal percentage in the league (minimum 20 attempts).

He also made all his EPA (Extra Point Attempts).

(3) Koenen

Punt average was somewhat craptastic at 40.7 yards/punt (3rd lowest in the league). But he had the 7th most punts inside the 20 (29) and the 5th most punts inside the 10 (12).

Also had the 2nd most FCB (Fair Caught Balls) in the league (24).