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Late Night Squawk: Former Starters Going Away Edition

In this series of posts, I blame Dave for not communicating this to me sooner. For all of you fans who visit overnight or are in strange timezones, this is for you, and might be carried over into tomorrow. That being said, Dave might give me a tongue lashing for posting something this late. Well, we're going to learn the hard way.

Rumor has it that Erik Coleman and JA98 are free agents this year, and several strategies have been brought up before about what we should do with them. They are both slated to make...I wanna say around 3 million each next year. (Couldn't remember the site that tells all that.)

What do you all think we should do with them? I think JA98 is gone. He has improved a lot since his first year here (he turns 25 in 2 weeks. He's headed into his 5th season. If I'm not mistaken, Peria Jerry is older.) which might actually mean he could still be worth something for us if he continues to improve. We have so many DL, I think it would make sense for us to drop him and bring in a more 3 down type DE that is a step above Biermann. I believe Biermann will continue to improve, but it's not a guarantee. We need help there now. Abe is getting no younger.

I like Erik Coleman, I think he's a great backup (decent starter) and I don't know that I want us to get rid of him. He could probably start somewhere else, and he'd probably have to take a paycut to stay with us, but I'd like to keep him around. After Coleman is Schillinger (IR) and Rafael Bush (who?). Not sure I like that. We might could pick up a safety late in the draft, but those are projects and they're iffy.

What should we do with them, guys?