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Report: Falcons Eyeing Wide Receivers At Senior Bowl Practices

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has some intriguing information for Falcons fans, based on a the reports of onlookers at the Senior Bowl.

We had mused here at The Falcoholic that Thomas Dimitroff and his friends in the scouting department might look at getting another weapon on offense in the 2011 draft, and there are signs that's exactly what's happening. DOL's report has them doing everything short of hollering and whistling like construction workers at the senior crop of receivers, and that's far from a bad thing.

There are talented kids in this class, whether it's the explosive Titus Young, the well-rounded Vincent Brown and the sure-handed Niles Paul. All would fit in with the Falcons' desire for mature players who are fairly far along the learning curve, and all have the potential to step up and provide a capable threat opposite Roddy White. A guy who could start right away and put Michael Jenkins in to the slot, where he could be weaponized plutonium, would be amazing.

While we'd all like to see the Falcons kick the tires on a wide receiver like the Giants' Steve Smith, the more realistic course is for the team to continue building from the draft as they've always done. With Kerry Meier coming back and some potential options on the practice squad, a talented pick in April might be the only missing piece.

Personally, I'd prefer Young, but he's also the likeliest to be off the board before the Falcons pick. What say you?