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Herschel Walker Is Not Eyeing A Return To The Atlanta Falcons

I think Jeff Schultz put it best yesterday:

I bring this up because a headline on an AOL/Fanhouse story Monday read: "Herschel Walker, 48, Ponders NFL Comeback." It might as well have read, "Elvis spotted at Smyrna Waffle House." When I informed Walker of the headline, he laughed.

Let's be clear: Walker isn't coming back. The dude is in enviable shape, no doubt, looking much better at age 48 than I do at age 26. He could also totally kick my ass, so if he were to announce he was coming back, you'd hearing nothing but enthusiastic, slightly frightened praise from The Falcoholic.

But while it's an entertaining pipe dream, Walker's done with the NFL. He's an MMA fighter now, and even if he seriously pursued a training camp invite, that's likely as far as he'd get. Teams in the NFL aren't too keen on employing guys over the age of 40 unless they're gunslingers wearing Wranglers and gettin' themselves into big ol' lawsuits. It's worse when you're a running back.

Just for the sake of the story, I'd like to see Walker try out to make the Falcons. It would be tremendously enjoyable, and if he ended up schools guys twenty years his junior...we'd have some fun here at The Falcoholic, I can tell you that.

But again, pipe dream. Alas.