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The Great Roster Breakdown 2011: Writers Selected

Our list is complete. In the spirit of high school athletics, I've posted the list here.

Here's what I need those of you selected to do: E-mail me. Run, don't walk, to your nearest computer and give me your address. I'll need you to be in touch with me so we can work out deadlines.

This should be a great experience. For everyone who isn't contributing, you'll be getting the (somewhat) expert opinions of both staff writers and readers. Not a bad deal.

And if you're still wanting to contribute, let me know that, too. We may be able to work something out.

Quarterbacks: Mosugo
Running Backs: orang3b
Wide Receivers & Tight Ends: Rfalcon19
Offensive Line: aces666high
Defensive Line: Slim Dog
Linebackers: VenomySnicket
Secondary: Vishnu_falcon
Special Teams
: TurnertheBurner
Coaching: orion12