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Your 2010-2011 Super Bowl Matchup: Packers-Steelers

If you were to poll players, staff and fans from around the NFL about the most well-run teams, I'm guess the Packers and Steelers would each get a few votes.

The Steelers need no introduction. For years, they've been one of the NFL's best teams by virtue of a terrific defense, a handful of playmakers on offense and playing in a division with only one other perennial contender. They rely heavily on the draft and rarely make huge mistakes come April. It adds up to a complete football team.

The Packers aren't really much different. Their defense isn't quite as sharp and their offense is a little more dynamic, but Ted Thompson is infamous for putting all his eggs in the metaphorical draft basket, too. He's also not terribly sentimental, having jettisoned Brett Favre back before that was considered a wide decision in favor of one Aaron Rodgers. Smart move, as it turned out.

What can the Falcons learn from the two teams who made it to the Super Bowl? Nothing they don't already know. It takes time to build a great NFL team, and once you do, it's exceedingly difficult not to screw it up. The Falcons are on track.

But this should be a great game, either way. Given the way the Packers have played as a sixth seed, I have a hard time believing they can't handle the Steelers, but I have been wrong many, many times before.

Discuss who you want to win in the comments.