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Falcons Who Rose Up In 2010: William Moore

With the season over, it's time to recognize those Falcons who took their game to a new level in 2010, beginning with the defense. Today, it's safety William Moore.

It's hard to argue that anyone played the part of a phoenix in 2010 as well as William Moore.

Coming out of college, the somewhat injury-prone Moore was a promising safety. Big, powerful and capable against the run, his only weakness seemed to be coverage. That's something the Falcons were sure they could improve, so they picked him up in the second round and ran with it.

Only one little problem: Moore really was injury prone. Ailments cost him the 2009 season and kept him from contending for a starting job out of camp in 2010, as well. It was doubtful that he'd be able to overtake Erik Coleman.

Never bet against circumstance. C4 had his chance when Coleman got hurt, and he responded by providing a big play spark not found in Thomas DeCoud, his less flashy but more steady battery mate at safety. I wouldn't say he was the team's best defender, but Moore's potential is enormous.

C4 also doesn't turn 26 until May, intercepted five passes in his 15 games as a starter and already is building a reputation as a hard-hitter. Moore arrived in 2010, but the sky's the limit now.

Final Stat Line: 72 tackles, 0 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 5 interceptions, 2 pass deflections