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Saturday Six Pack: Looking Towards The Future Edition 1/22/11

We may be indulging in many of these in this long, dreary offseason.
We may be indulging in many of these in this long, dreary offseason.

Well guys, this is the first Saturday Six Pack of what is sure to be a long offseason, and Falcons news may or may not be scarce as we approach the most dead parts of the offseason for teams not in the playoffs. Don't worry, I still deliver you your Falcons fix.

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: The AJC came through big time this week as DOL and Mark Bradley delivered enough juicy material to take up two parts of this SSP! First, we have this little story from DOL about how our D isn't as good statistically as the four remaining defenses. Well...yeah. It is true, and it's unfortunate. Next, here is an article about Falcons Owner Arthur Blank being displeased but realistic with our early playoff exit. I tell ya what, we're lucky to have such an awesome owner for the Falcons. He comes out and says the same things we've been saying, such as "What the heck was that on Saturday?" and "The bar has been raised higher for us." Gotta love it.

Mark Bradley: The second half of AJC Saturday Six Pack domination continues with Mark Bradley's different looks at Atlanta's sports history of failure and a question of whether the Falcons were as good as their record or not. The sports history is amusing, if only because the Cubs will forever hold the futility record. Seriously, how they have any fans at all is beyond me. I just hope it doesn't take up 80something years for us to win a Super Bowl. I'd be so sad.

ESPN: ESPN has delivered two fine stories for us today, both of which are not from Pat Yasinskas. First, Tom Friend writes about Jason Taylor dedicating his season to his agent. That might sound odd at first glance, but it's a good story and definitely worth the read. It also goes to show that not all agents are crooks and out for money out there. Next is a story from Ian O'Connor that talks about how the Jets have acquired a special fan....Hulk Hogan. This story is almost worth putting in the random funny because it's really amusing that Hulk Hogan would appear on ESPN's website. Still an interesting read, though.

NBC Sports: This article may break all of your hearts. It is written here that Smitty wanted to kick a field goal instead of having Matty throw that pick 6 play. He then insisted Matty throw it to China if it wasn't open. That didn't happen. I think that right there should tell us that Smitty isn't a dumb decision maker. He trusted his OC (like he'll do that again) and it bit him in the bum. He also slammed his clipboard down on the ground. Good ol' Steve Wyche over at writes this article on the Falcons as part of their exit interview series. It's a pretty good read, and I think all of the questions are legitimate. I think Matty is an elite QB, though. He's not flashy by any stretch of the imagination, but I think he has a command of the offense better than most QBs do (no huddle is noticeably better, etc.).

Random Funny: This week....I present this image! I'll be honest. I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or run away in terror.