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Who Will Replace Bill Musgrave For The Atlanta Falcons?

I am stumped.

By now you've heard that Bill Musgrave has fled for purpler pastures, signing on as the newest offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. That leaves the Falcons without an assistant head coach (meh) and without a quarterbacks coach (bigger deal). They're going to have to fill that vacancy somehow.

And I have to make a confession. As a sports blogger, I spend most of my time tossing opinions like a ninja tosses shurikens, and even with only scant information to go on, it's generally pretty easy for me to toss out possibilities. In this case, though? I really have no idea who might replace Musgrave. My best guess is someone like Jeremy Bates, who the Seahawks recently fired, but I can't see him going for a QB coaching gig unless he gets desperate.

I also don't think the need for Musgrave is as desperate as it once was. Matt Ryan had three years with him and is hitting his stride as a quarterback. Not that Musgrave would've been anything but a huge help, but Ryan's certainly capable of riding his own bicycle now. So to speak.

In times of darkness, I turn to you, gentle readers. Who can and will replace Musgrave?

UPDATE: D. Orlando Ledbetter has a great list. Jeff Jagodzinski is the obvious choice, in a lot of ways.