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A Potential Falcons Free Agent: Running Back Jerome Harrison

As fans, we sometimes develop weird affinities for players who haven't gotten within 100 miles of the teams we love.

Over the years, I've grown fond of players like J.J. Birden (who was briefly a Falcon!), Ben Coates and Ray Rice. There's no particular rhyme or reason to it, but they're guys I follow a little coming out of college and I end up enjoying watching them play, even when they don't do anything particularly special with their careers.

That leads me to Jerome Harrison. The former Browns back played for the Eagles most of this past season, where he put up respectable numbers (71 carries, 330 yards, 1 touchdown) in limited playing time. He's a quick, agile back with a couple of huge games to his name from his Cleveland days, but he's never been someone a team has entrusted with the load. He's only once received more than 100 carries in a season, and he turns 28 in February.

I'll be honest: I like Harrison. I've been championing him for years now, back when Romeo Crennel was treating the Browns like a small child treats a porcelain vase, and he only got a handful of carries. Fortunately, in a system where Michael Turner gets 20 carries a game unless he's clinically dead, Harrison wouldn't see his workload dramatically increase.

Jerious Norwood may not be back. Jason Snelling may move on to a team willing to give him a crack at a starting job. Antone Smith and Gartrell Johnson are, at least for the moment, third backs. Signing a guy like Harrison to a reasonable two-year deal would be exceedingly intelligent, given that he can catch a few passes, has a very different style than Michael Turner and is Jerome Harrison. To reiterate, I like Jerome Harrison.

Your take?