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One Falcon To Watch: Brent Grimes

You know the drill. Every week, Dave Choate picks the Falcon most likely to have a huge impact on the game, in his extremely humble opinion. This week, it's cornerback Brent Grimes.

Michael Turner is critically important. Matt Ryan must lead the team to victory. The front seven better generate enough pressure to crush Aaron Rodgers into a little cube.

But it's Brent Grimes who ultimately stands the best chance of turning this game with a single play. No other cornerback on the roster is as capable of getting his hands on the ball, and once he does, that ball is either heading the other way through the magic of an interception or being batted harmlessly to the turf.

Grimes didn't have a pick against Rodgers last time out, but if the Falcons apply the heat, he's got a great chance to get it done this time. I remain firm in my belief that the outcome of this game will turn on turnovers, so an interception could make all the difference in the world.

Watch Grimes closely. He won't disappoint you.