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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: What A Falcons Win Means To You

No heavy lifting this afternoon. We are, after all, less than 36 hours away from the Falcons taking on the Packers for the right to head to the NFC Championship Game.

My question is simple. What would it mean to you if the Falcons were to pull this off? Is it a sign the team has finally arrived? Is it just another game on the road to the ultimate prize, a Lombardi? Or can you not even think about it because your stomach is roiling and your nerves are shot already?

For me, it would be a culmination of the three year rebuilding plan promised to us by Thomas Dimitroff. The Falcons have done nearly everything right over that span, and seeing them beat one of the tougher teams in football and take another step toward a Super Bowl would be about as sweet as it gets.

At the same time, I'm struck by something Brandon over at Acme Packing Company said at a radio show we both participated in this morning. He said that even if the Packers lose, he's confident that they'll be back, with the excellent long-term vision Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and the players have built. I feel exactly the same way about the Falcons. Win or lose, this team is a behemoth on the NFL landscape for the next half-decade, and that stirs some pretty proud feelings.

That said, let's win, damnit! Your thoughts go below.