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The Divisional Round Atlanta Falcons Injury Report

With two weeks of rest, you'd expect the Falcons would have minimal injury issues. Well, look at that. You're right.

The major remaining concern is Brian Williams, who still did not practice Wednesday despite having a week-and-a-half off before attempting to take the practice field again. It's not going to make or break the secondary, but Bwill has clearly outplayed Chris Owens this season as a nickel cornerback. He'll be the one to watch closely over the next two days.

Everyone else on the list is still battling chronic issues, from Curtis Lofton and his troublesome knee to John Abraham and the bicuspid he chipped while eating Jimmy Clausen alive. In all, there are six guys who went through limited practices, but all of them are going to play. Bank on it.

You can find the whole report here. Talk it out.