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Roddy White's Forced Fumble Versus 49ers Is The Moment Of The Year

The voters have spoken, and your 2010 regular season Moment of the Year belongs to Roddy White.

With more than 600 votes tallied, Roddy's heroics against the 49ers ran away with it. It's little surprise, really, when you consider what White did.

Let me set the scene. The Falcons are trying to win the game, down by a single point, and Mike Mularkey puts the ball in the hands of Matt Ryan on an important second down with nine yards to go and 1:31 left on the clock. Attempting to rifle a pass to Tony Gonzalez over the middle, Ryan throws it into the waiting hands of 49ers cornerback Nate Clements, who gleefully sprinted toward the end zone with what would surely be the game-ending score. The Falcons were 2-2.

Or not. In an astonishing display of determination and speed, White caught Clements from behind and quite Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Roddied the football out of Clements' hands. Harvey Dahl, who was running with a grim fury that kept him within striking distance of the play, managed to fall on the football, and the Falcons had it back. A few plays later, Matt Bryant locked up the win with by drilling a field goal from 43 yards out. Miracle complete.

I think commenter Donny Brasco said it best, in the first comment from my recap of the game:

Can't forget that image of Rowdy flying down the sidelines after Clements. Superhuman.

I feel the NFL should make some sort of uniform exception and allow him to wear a cape for the rest of the season.

White and Dahl deserve the credit for one of the great plays I can ever remember seeing, and the play was a reminder, as I wrote at the time, that the Falcons simply don't know how to quit. It also made Roddy's desire to win crystal clear, and kept the Falcons out ahead of the Saints just one week after they grabbed the lead. It was a perfect distillation of the effort and talent this team has displayed all season long.

And that's your moment of the year. Thanks to all those who voted, and feel free to opine on the final selection below.