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Get Your Atlanta Falcons Playoff Tickets Here


Usually you, the reader, do not see the tangible benefits of our alliances with sponsors here at The Falcoholic, unless you count this blog continuing to operate as a benefit. I sure do.

This is different. We've partnered with TiqIQ, and now you've got a shot to buy tickets for this Saturday's game. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. If you've got the cash, The Falcoholic is actually hooking you up with Divisional Round playoff tickets. Be still, your hearts.

So what's TiqIQ? They're basically a search engine for game tickets, which makes them a different sort of beast than other companies in this arena. TiqIQ is also going to be working with us as long as the Falcons are in the playoffs to give us historical data on ticket prices and other cool things I can pass along to you, the reader. Examples? You bet.

There's an FAQ, too, if I've failed to answer your questions. Check it out.