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Your Atlanta Falcons Divisional Round Opponent Is The Packers

With the exception of the Chiefs-Ravens snoozefest, every game in the Wild Card round was a compelling one. The Packers tilt against the Eagles was no exception.

With rookie James Stark providing a ground game for the first time all season and the Packers' defense making life a little difficult for Michael Vick, the Packers edged out the Eagles. That cupcake matchup with the Seattle Seahawks isn't forthcoming, but the Falcons have beaten the Pack once at home and they can certainly do so again.

For the Falcons, it means stopping a suddenly balanced attack that's still heavy on the brilliance of Aaron Rodgers. It means navigating a tough Packers secondary and a defense that's capable of blitzing all day. They've made it this far surviving challenges from good football teams who can do all of these things, so it's not a matter of panicking. Atlanta just has to be ready.

We'll be looking at this under the magnifying glass as the week progresses. For now, discuss the game ahead.