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Tweets of the Game: ATL vs NO

Well, I haven't had many of these depressing tweets of the games this year. Can't complain about that. The loss is soft and distant now. Re-reading through these may bring up some of the hurt, but that hurt may just turn back into steely determination. 

Happy New Year, Falcoholics.

This is not a football game. It is a rock concert. GO FALCONS!!! HalMoore

Sometimes Drew Brees just makes a great pass. Drew Brees just made a great pass. TheFalcoholic

The defense looks like they just swallowed a shipment of Four Loko. TheFalcoholic

You see it as a long field, I see it as more opportunity for Matt Ryan to make the highlight reel!! MagicFalcon

I don't want to say the refs called that a Saints recovery too quickly, but I'm pretty sure they were signaling it before Koenen kicked. TheFalcoholic

I wonder why Brees isn't throwing anywhere near Brent Grimes... FalconsJHicks

Impressive strip, William Moore! Keleland

William Moore has the balls to make a play on the ball like a baller. Also, balls. TheFalcoholic

Coach Smith was not wishing the line judge Happy Holidays. Earmuffs, kids, earmuffs. FalconsDLevak

Never seen that call before. Lets make it up as we go along, shall we? FalconsJAdams

I just had a vision of a man pushing a boulder up a hill eternally, only to watch it roll back on him. If only I knew what it meant. TheFalcoholic

Why did Matt Ryan run away from it? Dreman1731

We need a turnover! FemFalconFan

Why, oh WHY, would there be any hesitate to throw that flag? Why? FalconsJAdams

Dear Will Smith, don't talk to my boy Roddy anymore. That's a TD. Defend it, or shut up. FalconsJAdams

Roddy my boy in for 6 just like we need him to do SteveNDFan

Time for the Falcons to take the Saints' offense off this mortal coil. And stuff. TheFalcoholic

Ok, I'm putting MNF crew on MUTE. Dreman1731

I haven't seen this many flags on the ground since I drove through that construction crew. TheFalcoholic

DAMNIT!! u gotta make that sack! #Falcons. Dreman1731

Really need to hold em to 3 here!! We get ball back after half!! #Falcons MagicFalcon

Thomas DeCoud has hands like Da Vinci. TheFalcoholic

SACK!!!!! Poppa_Falcon

Abraham is a man possessed. I really admire how, at 32, he's in the best run of his career. Credit Mike Smith for making it happen. SI_PeterKing

Jenkins is getting handsy. Great quality for a wide receiver, bad for most other professions. TheFalcoholic

Only about 75 flags on the field after that play. Nice to see. FalconsJAdams

Now that is Pass Interference #Saints fans!! Pay attention to me!! MagicFalcon

Stop whining about the PI calls, Saints fans. They're legit. SI_PeterKing

Obvious observation: Saints corners can't stay with Falcons receivers. JeffSchultzAJC

That's out. Turner fumbled. Blows a TD chance. JeffSchultzAJC

Saints aren't beating the Falcons right now. The Falcons are beating the Falcons. Lots of mistakes. FalconsJAdams

I love the defense. I really do. The offense can't turn the ball over again, though. TheFalcoholic

I'm tired of yelling DEFENSE CBSpriggs

Make some throws, Matt Ryan. Come on. SI_PeterKing

The offense really has to step up and help the defense here. The D is doing all it can. Offense needs to lend a hand. FalconsJAdams

Duntaaaaaa!! Gotta get that!! It woulda been your 1st!! MagicFalcon

Every time Drew Brees hands off, I say, "Phew!" Jason__Kirk

LOLOLOL!!!! NICE PLAY BY BREES!!! Great stop by #Falcons Poppa_Falcon

Thoroughly impressed with Falcons D. So much better than they were last year it's not even funny. Dudes flying around. RossTuckerNFL

WHOA! JeffSchultzAJC

OH MY GOD YES! TheFalcoholic


HUGE MISTAKE by BREES!!!! #Falcons #RISEUP!!!! Poppa_Falcon

YES!!!!!!! #FALCONS DEFENSE IS ON FIRE!!!!! Dreman1731

Holy hell Abraham!!!!!!! Keleland

That is the second interception by the DL tonight. The secondary? Zero. It's been that type of game. FalconsJAdams


OK, I've seen it all. 70,000 rabid fans all dancing in unison to "Cotton-Eye Joe." This place is going NUTS! RISE UP! FalconsDLevak

Crowd is chanting We Dat!!! FemFalconFan

Chants are raining down of "WE DAT!" FalconsJAdams

Need a big stop. Get this done. TheFalcoholic

Hero or Zero, Matty Ice? Keleland

Can't get mad at the DEFENSE! They've been ON THE FIELD ALL DAMN NIGHT!!! Offense better WAKE UP!! Poppa_Falcon

This is the stage upon which greatness holds court. TheFalcoholic

Lost in the excitement of this game is the fact that the Falcons' offense has been pretty damn bad all game. TheFalcoholic

Ballgame. EdGrohl