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Saturday Six Pack: Super Bowl 2011 Or Bust Edition 1/1/11

Soon, the Birds will be indulging in many cases of Matty Ice because we will have soundly beaten the Panthers and sitting pretty with the #1 seed.
Soon, the Birds will be indulging in many cases of Matty Ice because we will have soundly beaten the Panthers and sitting pretty with the #1 seed.

It felt really eerie putting 1/1/11 on there. Super fear of a voodoo curse or something of that nature, I suppose.

Anywho, this week we mercifully defeat the Carolina Panthers and put a stamp on the notion that the best and worst teams reside in the NFC South (And not in New Orleans!) I hope everyone has had a fantastic first day to the new year, and I hope that this year brings us many, many Falcon victories, particularly the next....four games!

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

AJC: For once, this is not a DOL-only highlight of Atlanta Journal Constitution awesomeness. However, DOL leads off with this article. It mentions that this Sunday is Fan Appreciation Day at the Georgia Dome. Gosh, you gotta wonder if they predicted the Panthers to be awful this year and did this so more fans would show up. That being said, I think we'll get a decent turnout on Sunday. This IS for the division/#1 seed, after all. Also, Jeff Haws over at the AJC writes this article about how the Falcons are gonna have to figure out the Cats' running game or our win may not be a three digit win but only a high two digit win instead. Just saying. Charles Odom, an AP writer, wrote this article about how the Falcons have a lot on the line this week against the Panthers. (My work, great as it is, scheduled me to work during the game on Sunday. !@($*@) I like the area where all of the players are generally on the same page about the Panthers. From what I could tell, all the players are focused and understand the Panthers will be playing like rabid squirrels after a bag of acorns.

Winnipeg Free Press: Speaking of focus, this article by George Henry of the AP talks about how the Falcons need to stay concentrated against the Panthers. I don't know if all teams talk like we do, but I love how everyone isn't getting complacent despite such a great defensive effort. Yeah, I know we lost, but damn the defense played well.

Sports Chat Place: "Cory" over at Sports Chat Place previews Sunday's game here. Seriously, we're favored by 14. That's intense. Oh, right, it has the lines and stuff for all the games, too, if you're into that! :P

Charlotte Observer: Joseph Person over at the Charlotte Observer writes here about John Fox's last days as Carolina's head coach. Say what you want about the Panthers, but Fox did a pretty good job as the Panthers' head coach. He's a likeable guy. He'll catch on somewhere next year, for sure.

Random Funny: This image might only be appreciated by the older fans on here or for those of us who appreciate British humor. I love Monty Python stuff.