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Falcons Issue Wednesday Injury Report

Let's let D. Orlando Ledbetter do the talking, shall we?

INJURY REPORT: Did not practice--WR Michael Jenkins-shoulder. OL Joe Hawley (hip). Limited -- DT Corey Peters (knee), CB Brent Grimes (hip).

It's the first injury report of the year for the Falcons, and it's hardly a doozy. We already knew Michael Jenkins wasn't going to play against the Steelers, given his shoulder woes, and Joe Hawley's impact is likely to be minimal in the first game of the season.

Corey Peters being limited is slightly worrying, but it is only Wednesday. Without Peter, our rotation would be down to Peria Jerry, Trey Lewis, Jamaal Anderson and Vance Walker, which is solid but missing a certain....Corey Petersishness. Brent Grimes is listed as the starter, so his hip issues can't be too bad.

It's an early picture, but I'd go ahead and say Jenkins won't play, and the remaining three will play sparingly. What say you?