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Steeler Dennis Dixon To Start At Quarterback Against Falcons

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When I hear a head coach with multiple options announce his starting quarterback nearly a week in advance of a game, this is what immediately comes to mind.

Still, it appears the Falcons will have to move ahead and start planning for mobile quarterback Dennis Dixon, who was announced as the starter earlier today. One could make the reasonable argument that Mike Tomlin's ground game and defense are much larger worries to begin with, but Dixon offers a very different look than Byron Leftwich or Charlie Batch.

Basically, Dixon is raw. He's extremely physically talented, and there are going to be moments in Sunday's game where your jaw will probably drop watching him. Dixon will take off and run. Dixon will throw some deep passes. Dixon will also probably throw at least one pick, if not two or three.

If the Steelers are smart, they'll let Dixon manage the game and occasionally do something electric, but they won't hand the reins over to him entirely. The Falcons have an opportunistic defense this year, in my mind, and they'll capitalize on his mistakes. A game that emphasizes Rashard Mendenhall would be a better one for the Steelers, if not the Falcons.

So get ready to see Dixon under center against the Steelers. With any luck, we'll smash them regardless of who's back there.