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Tweets of the Game: ATL at NO

It was an amazing game, and you people made some amazing statements. The best are culled below. If you want to be considered for this feature, get a Twitter account and follow me @AdamLSchultz. Make sure your bio says that you're a Falcons fan. Post before, during, and after the game and if you say some awesome stuff, it may just make it on this page!

Special teams looks horrendous thus far. Thankfully Michael Koenen tackles like a train. - TheFalcoholic

Mr. Brees did not learn his @BGrimes20 lesson from last season. I tried to warn him. - FalconsTroy

About? The guy across the street can hear me drop f-bombs RT @FemFalconFan: This game is about to make me cuss!!! - DSHURROW

Drew Brees will find the openings! Folks we are in for a slug fest! - MagicFalcon


Sam Baker: Drive Killer. - Money_Launderer

Where is Samuel jackson screaming Rise up Mutha @#$! when we need him? I'm going on a search - L0rd91

Drew Brees will take a completed pass over a sack any day; even if it is to the opposing team. - FalconsJHicks

Matt Ryan is a WARRIOR!!!! - HalMoore

I am going online right now and buying a Jason Snelling Falcons jersey! - DSHURROW

i need a defibrillator over here... good god coach smith have balls the size of Texas - ATLJBO22

Ladies and gentlemen, the Saints are not better than the Falcons. That is all. - HalMoore

I'd hate to watch Mike Mularkey try to parallel park. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. "Hey, you're running into the-" "I KNOW." BANG. BANG.  - Jason__Kirk

STOP CRYING @drewbrees !!!!! - Poppa_Falcon

Harper's been getting on my nerves all game. Sorry mofo. - FemFalconFan

Dear God, listen to Adam. Amen. RT @AdamLSchultz Can I get an eight minute drive with a nail-in-the-coffin TD or FG? - HalMoore

The thing on Drew Brees' face looks like a teardrop right now. - Jason__Kirk

My heart, my heart! I hope the have a defibrillator nearby... #atlno10 - FemFalconFan

Best game ever... - FalconsJHicks

Win or lose, Baker is in my doghouse. - Poppa_Falcon

I cannot believe this. My hearts about explode! - DirtyBird4life

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - Apixels

Me and @chuckmorseman just about tore my house up watchin the #Falcons beat the Aints! - adkinstom

#WEDAT - mjace71