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Welcome James Rael And Caleb Rutherford To The Falcoholic Staff

Sorry gents, neither of our new writers look like this...that I know of. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Sorry gents, neither of our new writers look like this...that I know of. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

News for you all!

As you know, our beloved Jason Kirk recently headed to SBN Atlanta to take on the head editor position there, where he's kicking an enormous amount of ass. That's left him essentially unable to write for The Falcoholic, and Adam Schultz and I are busy dudes. This announcement doesn't mean you'll be seeing less of us—every time we bring on a new writer, I think I actually write more posts a week—but we wanted to make sure you had quality, intelligent posts every single day.

Enter Caleb Rutherford (Zippo!) and James Rael (FrankyWren!)l. As their names will attest, they're familiar faces around here. Both will offer up at least a couple of posts a week and will bring a fresh perspective, a lot of enthusiasm and a deft writing touch to The Falcoholic. We're thrilled to have them aboard, and you'll start seeing posts from them showing up tomorrow. Please give them a warm welcome.

To all of you who have indicated an interest in contributing to The Falcoholic over the years, don't be discouraged that you weren't selected. We thought long and hard about this. There will be other opportunities down the line, and there's so many talented writers in this community. Keep hitting the FanPosts and joining the discussion, because we've got a lot of great football ahead.

Without further ado, let Caleb and James tell you about themselves, after the jump.

James Rael

Hey guys! Some of you know me. And some of you know what a stat geek I've become. With that in mind, I am thrilled to join the Falcoholic staff. I'm going to bring y'all some stat-heavy posts and - in the process - maybe I'll convert a statistical naysayer or two!

I grew up in Atlanta and I bleed Red and Black. I first became a fan in second grade, whilst Prime Time pulled double duty for the Birds/Bravos, most considered Brett Favre a "draft bust," and Joe Hawley only shaved weekly.  I've blogged here for a couple years now and I really enjoy the community. The Falcons have come a long way since the Vick era, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this franchise.

Caleb Rutherford


Hey guys, I’m Caleb Rutherford, formerly known as Zippo729 here on The Falcoholic. I like football, women, long walks on the beach…...Oh, sorry, this isn’t This is the Falcons fan site. My mistake.


What’s that? You still want to know a little bit about me, you say? Alright, you win.


I’m a young 21 years old. I’ll be 22 in about a month. People tell me I look young enough to still be in high school. (Fun fact for you, I was ID’d for buying Halo: Reach yesterday.) I live out in the middle of nowhere in Asheboro, North Carolina, where I’m usually forced to follow the Falcons by way of Gamecast. I currently go to Randolph Community College. It’s a small school, but it’s pretty highly regarded in the realm of community colleges, and it is a stepping stone for me to get my AA and transfer to a bigger school, where I’ll get into broadcasting. My career goal is to be the man that succeeds Wes Durham as the voice of the Falcons, and you best believe that I will make it there…...eventually.


For those of you that have ever questioned my fanhood, I will now abuse my new place of power to ban you all and place you in a land of despair and New Orleans Saints. Just kidding, don’t light the torches for me just yet. I was born and raised in McDonough, Georgia, where I received a heavy dose of Falcon and Bulldog football as a youngling. I lived there for 15 years before moving up here to North Carolina.


To further enforce my obsessive fanhood, I live and breathe red and black. A good bit of my clothing is a blend of red and black, I bleed red and black, and I make other mentally questionable fanhood statements like that. Heck, my license plate on my car is "4EVERUGA". I’m a very passionate fan and I live on the highest highs and the lowest lows, however I can still give a realistic opinion even when the sky is falling.


I’d like to conclude this by thanking Dave, Adam, and that Kirk guy for giving me this opportunity to be a part of The Falcoholic crew and I look forward to making you all question reality and dream about Super Bowls while chatting it up about our beloved Falcons. Cheers!