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Falcons Wide Receiver Michael Jenkins Out Four-To-Six Weeks

Unfortunate, but here we are.

I'm not going to cover the same ground I did in yesterday's post, because I always write more lucidly on Sundays than Mondays. Knowing that Michael Jenkins is out now allows the Falcons to start preparing for life without him, which means we're going to see a very interesting camp and pre-season battle between Brian Finneran, Harry Douglas and Kerry Meier.

The most likely winners here are either Meier, Douglas, or perhaps both. Mike Smith has been very adamant about keeping Douglas out of the slot, but it might be hard to deny him the chance to work his magic outside. He's small, yes, but if he's kept his rookie year speed then he'll be hard to keep up with.

Meier and to a lesser extent Finn better fit the prototype that Smith & Co. are looking for. They're both good-sized, sure-handed receivers (I'm going to have to trademark this, since I'm using it so often), but Meier's somewhat of a question mark when it comes to blocking. Because Jenkins' blocking talents have been overblown of late, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And our discussion for the day. How big a deal is this, and who will ultimately replace Jenkins' production over the next few weeks?