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The Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Open Thread, Day Eight

I'll bet you can't guess what we're talking about today, kids!

What's that you say? You know it's training camp?

You always were precocious little bastards.

Entering what's technically our second full week of training camp, the biggest headline right now is that Dunta Robinson's nagging hamstring issues may keep him out of the first pre-season game. For obvious reasons, it's really nothing to freak about. The Falcons just aren't going to take the chance that Matt Cassel tackles Dunta after his third pick of the game and attempts to rip his leg off. Perfectly logical.

Other than that, Kerry Meier continues to win hearts with his steady pass-catching and bristly facial hair, Corey Peters is making a case to get heavy snaps in his rookie season and Harry Douglas and Peria Jerry keep right on improving. It's almost all sunshine (no, not you, Kerry) out of training camp, and I couldn't be happier.

Hopefully, all goes well again today. Use this as your all purpose discussion thread, and we'll chug right into the weekend.