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The Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Open Thread, Day Seven

Last time we officially checked in on training camp, all was rainbows and 50 cent fountain drinks.

Such is the nature of training camp, where optimism runs high and most players look ready to start for the Falcons. That's not to say I'm not excited about how good everyone's looked, because there's clear reason for optimism. Take Daniel Cox's report about Dominique Franks, who generally looks much further along the curve than you'd expect from a rookie fifth-round cornerback. Stories like those are fantastic.

Of course, as we inexorably draw closer to the actual season, some of these guys will not make the team. It's the hard truth of training camp, and so you may want to tearfully temper your expectations for guys like Bear Woods and Ryan Wolfe. The more we see them practice, the more we'll see the divide grow, though there's always a few that catch you off-guard (William Middleton, anyone?)

So use this thread to discuss battles and who you think will emerge the victor. Also use it to just enjoy what is most assuredly a glorious time of year, when optimism runs higher than Roddy White's socks. It may not be pleasant to watch the axe twirl, but I'll be damned if we won't have a great team standing at the end of it.

And because we all like to know things as they happen, here's a short list of great Twitter resources for you guys to follow along with.

Jay Adams (@FalconsJAdams)

Daniel Cox (@FalconsDCox)

D. Orlando Ledbetter (@AJCFalcons)

And, as Jason has recommended in the past, #aftc2010