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Falcons Cut DT Thomas Johnson, S Matt Giordano

Well, I got those two right.

It's not really a surprise that Thomas Johnson and Matt Giordano are on their way out the door. I'd like to start this post by wishing them well. Particularly Johnson, who played pretty well for the Falcons at times in 2009.

That said, these are both very sensible moves. Shann Schillinger has looked stellar in limited pre-season action, and Giordano has because of injuries and lack of playing time simply faded into the background. I had penciled him in as our backup safety and put Schillinger on the practice squad originally, but it's encouraging to see the Falcons pick up a late round defensive back who actually makes the team out of camp.

Johnson's release is a testament to the newfound depth at defensive tackle. The team could still potentially cut Vance Walker or Trey Lewis from the final roster and have quality top to bottom. When you're getting rid of a guy who started 10 times last year, you've considerably improved your football team. It didn't help that TJ couldn't get healthy.

So the Falcons have made the 75 player roster limit, and will have 22 more cuts to make before the season begins. Keep the discussion rolling.