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The Scale of Falconliness, Cornerbacks Week: Ken Reaves

Who's the ultimate Falcon? And who's the ultimate anti-Falcon? That's what we're going to find out with our summer project: the Scale of Falconliness. We'll rate former Falcons on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most Falconly. The rule: minimum of three seasons with the Falcons for coaches, five seasons for players.

Ken Reaves, Cornerback (1966 - 1973)

Falconly Unfalconly
  • Inaugural Falcon. Being the second-best player in our first-ever draft haul, which included 20 players, ain't too bad. Especially when the only guy ahead of him is Tommy Nobis.
  • 1969 Pro Bowl.
  • Eight years in Atlanta; never missed a game. Fourth-most games of any defensive back.
  • Phenomenal beard control, looking like a young Marvin in his hey.
  • Top ten in the NFL in interceptions three times; 98th all-time in career picks.
  • Fifth in interceptions as a Falcon.
  • Down to roll up on the Branch and shoot the breeze with Alfred Jenkins in the summer of 2009? Absolutely.
  • Played four games with the Saints and three seasons with the Cardinals.
  • Complained his way into getting traded by NORM VAN BROCKLIN. Putting this one on this side is a major reach, yes.
  • It's not clear whether contemporary Falcons fans ever thought he was all that great.

Current standings after the jump: