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Sean Weatherspoon To Start For Falcons Over Stephen Nicholas?

This is Rotoworld weighing in on the Falcons. Take your grain of salt as you read this one.

Personally, I've suspected since the beginning of the pre-season that Sean Weatherspoon might be starting on the strong side, taking over for Stephen Nicholas. I believed it because of Mike Smith's clear attachment to Mo Pete, his uncanny ability to come up with a good play just when you've about abandoned hope that he'll ever do so again and the fact that he's all veteran-y.

I'd like to believe that this particular hypothetical is in the best interest of the team, but I just can't make myself do it. Stephen Nicholas isn't a great linebacker, but he's probably the most coverage-ready guy on the team. Mike Peterson is aging and one-dimensional. Sean Weatherspoon is talented and inexperienced. And so on.

I'm not saying that Mike Peterson can't do well. I'm not saying Sean Weatherspoon shouldn't start, because I think he should have every opportunity to do so. Obviously, we have to live with the starting lineup, and Mo Pete's gotta have a chip on his shoulder after last season. But I don't believe we're putting our best three linebackers on the field if Peterson is one of them, and I hope this bit of conjecture turns out to be completely wrong. Peterson would be a great sub, but he's barely average as a starter.

Your thoughts?