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Falcons Whittle Down Roster, Cut Two

Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff are swinging axes. It must be cutting down time!

Unfortunately for tackle Mark Ortmann and Gabe Derricks, they got in the way of said axes. The Falcons must cut down to the 75 man limit before the next pre-season game against the Jaguars, which means you're going to see a lot of guys who were training camp cannon fodder on their way out the door.

Derricks is no surprise. He was essentially signed so that the team wouldn't run out of cornerbacks or safeties in a pre-season game, which would be a little bit embarrassing. Ortmann did latch on only a week ago, but the team must be confident that the offensive line will be healthy and ready for action early on.

The next round of cuts? Guards Blake Schlueter and Jose Valdez, fullback Dan Klecko, linebacker Robert James and defensive end Emmanuel Stephens would seem to be likely choices. Once we need to get down to the final roster, you'll see some more familiar names like Ryan Wolfe and Rafael Bush probably on the chopping block. Alas, we hardly knew them!

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