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Game Recap: ATL vs MIA

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How about that D? Fast, focused, opportunistic. That's what I like seeing.


  • The D as a whole. DANG guys. Just... dang. A potent rush offense was held to two field goals. Gotta love that.
  • Sidbury!
  • Biermann!
  • Peterson!
  • Coleman!
  • Rojohombre looked fantastic. JPW had to have had an "aww crap" moment when Redman led the Falcons to a decisive third quarter score.
  • HD is showing awesome potential. Can't wait to see him during the season.
  • Turner looked...well like Turner at least until...
  • Turner fumbling. Not a great way to get a first down guys.
  • Matt Ryan showed off a bit of his youth tonight, looking more like a backup with happy feet than a starting franchise player.
  • Roddy had a major case of the dropsies
  • Matt Bryant missed yet another PAT. Ugh. Are we going to get to the point where we just go for it on fourth down every time? I guess with a defense like what we put on the field tonight, we could theoretically get away with that...maybe.
  • That baseball diamond. Seriously, when will the Dolphins stop playing baseball?