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Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins Open Thread

Last year, the Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins met in the first game of the season, and what we fans saw that day gave us optimism. Let's hope the same is true in 2010, albeit to a lesser degree.

In many ways, this is a fun one because the Dolphins so closer mirror our favorite team. They're young, talented and upcoming, but they have some questions swirling around their secondary and are still struggling to gel. Despite all that, they should be a force in the competitive AFC East. Our Falcons can certainly sympathize with tough divisions and inexperienced cornerbacks.

All that said, we've got some roster competitions to sort out. The deadline to cut down to 75 players is approaching rapidly, and I'd really like to have that wide receiver position sorted out entirely by then. We need the Falcons to stay healthy, play well and beat some Dolphins like they were playing the role of Flipper's abusive uncle. Or something.

As always, the details are after the jump. See you guys come game time.

Who? Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins, 7 p.m. EST

Where? Dolphin Stadium, Dolphintown, Dolphinstate

Weather? Sunny....even at night!
Injuries? Hey, everybody's getting healthy! There might be a few questions marks with Dunta Robinson, but he should be able to play. Brent Grimes might be eased in.

You don't even care about the Dolphins, do you?

Foe? Visit The Phinsider. Great group of fans over there, and they'll be discussing the game as well. Be polite, as always.

GO FALCONS! Let's sink these Dolphins!