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Report: Guard Mike Johnson Hurt, May Be Out For A While

UPDATE: DOL says it's a sprained knee, predicts Johnson will only miss "a week or so."

Sometimes, when you're kind of down in life, your deity of choice/fate/random chance drops the hammer on the back of your head.

That's not to say things are horrible for the Falcons. There are teams with more injuries already, or a host of other off-field distractions. But that doesn't mean the potential loss of Mike Johnson doesn't sting.

According to Fox Sports, Johnson was injured in practice. What follows from there is abject speculation on the part of the writer and possibly a couple of Falcon teammates, who suggest that he could be out a while.

As we know by now, the Falcons are almost as secretive about their injuries as I am about my secret identity, so it's little surprise that Johnson was quickly rushed to an underground facility for treatment and cybernetics and now we'll never know what happened to him. Or, you know, probably we'll know in the next couple of days.

Having just traded Quinn Ojinnaka to the Patriots, we're hurting for depth a little right now. Cross your fingers and hope we didn't just lose a promising young lineman for weeks or months.