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Dunta Robinson Eyeing Return Against Dolphins

Lookit! I'm covering stuff!  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Lookit! I'm covering stuff! (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

On the landscape of pre-season Falcons injury news about Dunta Robinson, this is a big one.

If Dunta does indeed return, he'll probably play some very limited snaps against the Dolphins. Frankly, though, I'd be excited just to see our pricey off-season acquisition take the field. That'd be nice.

Really, that's been one of the subplots of the pre-season that has made me most anxious. We know Dunta's going to be healthy for the season, and I certainly don't want to rush him. At the same time, he was signed to lend stability and a wise ol' veteran presence to the cornerbacking corps, and we've not gotten to see him in action yet.

It's important to remember as we embark on our weekly Panic Quests due to ineffective play at linebacker or injuries at wide receiver that the secondary remains the most likely Achilles heel for this football team. All these other worrisome issues will likely iron themselves out by the start of the regular season, but how Dunta, Thomas DeCoud, Chris Owens and Erik Coleman perform is going to go a long way toward determining the success of the defense. Strong coverage will leave the quarterback in the pocket for a second longer, allowing John Abraham and Kroy Biermann to squish him between them like a marshmallow in a s'more.

So here's hoping Dunta gets going against Miami. I want to see how our new multi-million dollar man handles a fairly talented Dolphins passing game.