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Courage and Fight: Episode 004 - "Blue 80!"

UPDATEUnburying this, in case any of ya'll missed it. Also, 1,000,000 hits! WOO! --Adam

Adam and Jason discuss how awesome the Falcons are and Adam gets a one-on-one chat with Jay Adams, Atlanta Falcons New Media Producer.

Episode: 004

Length: 48:40

Show Notes:

  • Talkin' bout the preseason game against the Chiefs
  • No room for Nance?
  • Chevis Jackson back in business?
  • Jason actually enjoyed the atmosphere at the Dome.
  • Stadium chants and prompts are sweet.
  • The Falcons and Patriots have a joint public practice? We discuss the possible conspiracies that allowed this to happen.
  • We relish in the Falcons organization's willingness to allow fans good access to the team.
  • Jason zeroes in on Spoon.
  • This podcast could possibly rate 3 Kordell Stewarts.
  • "Blue 80!" - the new expletive euphemism!
  • Matt Ryan is a trickster.
  • The Jay Adams Interview (dramatic echo)

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