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Falcons Released Updated Depth Chart For Patriots Game

Bear Woods has nothing to do with this post.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Bear Woods has nothing to do with this post. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In the wake of the cuts from yesterday, the Falcons sent a new depth chart booming into the Interwebs.

Now, you know me. I'm not a sensational type of guy, but I like to share news with all of you. I like to get excited. I like to scrutinize and determine what scrap of information is the most likely to get you talking. That's how I roll.

So it's with regret that I tell you that virtually nothing on this depth chart is going to surprise you. With the caveat that none of this is set in stone by a long shot, I'll point you in the right direction after the jump.

Rather than break the entire thing down for you, I thought I'd take a look at the position battles that are yielding some early results.

Wide Receiver

Brandyn Harvey fans may not want to get too attached to the guy, because he's not exactly burning up the depth chart.

Held catchless in the first pre-season game, Harvey is currently sitting fifth on the depth chart behind Michael Jenkins. That's fifth solely for backing up Jenkins, mind. In front of him are perennial training camp warrior Troy Bergeron and, of course, Eric Weems. It's not a stretch to say that Weems has the inside track for the last job, because he offers at least some value as a returner. Harvey could still be stashed on the practice squad, but he's not separating from the pack.

Sadly, all of them are behind Brian Finneran at the moment.

On the other side behind Roddy White, Kerry Meier remains firmly in front of Ryan Wolfe....and I still think he's going to make the team.

Running Back

Antone Smith is running in front of Dmitri Nance, for the very little it's worth.

Defensive Tackle

Interestingly, Corey Peters is listed as the primary backup for Jonathan Babineaux. Trey Lewis, who is sitting comfortably behind him, appears to be on the roster bubble at the moment. I fully expect Peters to win a roster spot (duh), and to prove to be a valuable asset in a rotation.

Outside Linebacker

Sean Weatherspoon is the primary backup at both outside spots. This is yet another case where the caveat comes in, because the coaching staff is going to give 'Spoon a real chance to win a starting job. I just hope it's Mike Peterson's.

Everything Else

Brent Grimes remains the starter in name opposite Dunta Robinson. Shann Schillinger is behind Matt Giordano. Rafael Bush is behind William Moore. Joe Zelenka is still our long snapper. Matt Ryan remains the starting quarterback. Comrade Dimitroff is still a Communist with a past more tangled than Joe Hawley's beard. And so forth.

So now that we've got that lack of brilliant news out of the way, talk Falcon football. Like I have to tell you.