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Atlanta Falcons Waive K Steve Hauschka, TE Colin Peek

That was certainly fast.

The Falcons evidently saw something they didn't like from Steve Hauschka, because the ex-Ravens kicker is out the door. Despite nearly identical numbers in Friday's pre-season games, the team felt confident enough to move forward with Matt Bryant. I really don't understand how this decision has been made already, but I'll set that aside. This coaching staff deserves the benefit of the doubt, even after the Jason Elam fiasco.

But hell, could we please think about locking down a young kicker in 2011 and beyond?I don't like wondering from year to year if our kicker's leg is going to come off and outfly the football. I really, really don't.

Also, the Falcons waived promising tight end Colin Peek on an injury settlement. It's unfortunate for Peek that he never got a real chance to compete for the third tight end job in Atlanta, because I somehow doubt that Keith Zinger is supremely established in that role. Michael Palmer may give him a run for his money.

To fill those spots temporarily, the Falcons re-signed safety Gabe Derricks and are apparently mulling bringing in another defensive back. DOL at the AJC speculates that it could be Eric Brock.

Thoughts on these moves?