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Preseason Game Recap: ATL vs KC

Roddy doin his thing. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Roddy doin his thing. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So how about those Falcons, huh? A swarming, hard hitting, opportunistic D and an offense that takes advantage of turnovers and field position. Oh and we won. That usually helps too, even if it doesn't count. 

The Good

  • Turner looks ready to go. He's fast, breaking tackles, and running all over the place. Oh, and he caught a screen!
  • There's a new nickname in town. The Rushin' Russian Dimitri Nance. Number 30 accounted for the only TDs the Falcons scored tonight. While he only had six yards in six rushes, he had two TDs and made a big impression on just about everyone. And then there was that 30 yard screen pass he took to the house that was called back on a hold.
  • Kerry Meier made a couple of clutch first down grabs, much like...
  • Tony Gonzalez, who looks even hungrier for yards than he did last year.
  • The Defense. As a whole. There's a fire there. A hunger. Determination. They swarm to the ball. They apply mountainous pressure. They get good penetration.
  • Dominique Franks hits HARD.
  • Shann Schillinger picked a pass out of the air and ran with it. Another Grizzly makes good.
  • Kroy Biermann forced a fumble. Surprised? Thought not.
  • Chevis Jackson looks hungry for a spot on the secondary. He accounted for the other INT of the night, a beautiful jump-the-route snag-and-go. Smooth as silk.
  • Jamaal Anderson... did his job well. That took a lot out of me to say, fyi.
  • OL rooks Johnson and Hawley looked good and stout when protecting JPW.
  • Snelling. Smith. Nance. All great backs. All fighting for position behind Turner and Norwood. Gosh it feels good to say that.
The Bad:
  • The O-Line is having trouble protecting pass plays, especially the side Sam Baker squats on.
  • The D-Line had trouble containing quarterbacks after the inital rush was over.
  • Ryan looked, at times, anemic out there, showing some of the happy-feet he had mid-season last year. Granted, his OL kinda collapsed a lot, but still...
  • Do not throw screens to Roddy. Please.
  • Our outside edge running plays are lacking in a trait I like to call "ability to succeed." We need HD back on that field.
  • Matt Bryant missed a field goal within thirty five yards. Steve Hauschka missed a 53 yarder. Matt Bryant missed a chip shot. When will our kicking woes end?
The Ugly:
  • Bear Wood's hair. It just looks...dirty. And long. Even though he donates five pounds of those tendrils to charity so that cancer patients can have wigs during Chemo (I'm not making this up), it's...kinda icky.