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One Falcon To Watch: Sean Weatherspoon

I'm going to let this one pass without comment.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
I'm going to let this one pass without comment. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We're gearing up for the big (?) Falcons-Chiefs pre-season game tonight, so I thought I'd introduce a new feature ahead of it. If you hate it, go ahead and tell me. I haven't had the chance to hang my head in shame for a while.

Basically, I'm taking a look at one player likely to have a big impact on the upcoming game. This week, it's unsurprisingly Sean Weatherspoon, the man of a thousand words and a thousand tackles.

There's a ton of quality competitions going on, but I doubt any are as interesting to most Falcons fans as Weatherspoon vs. Stephen Nicholas vs. Mike Peterson. After all, our talented first round pick is getting the opportunity to battle for not one starting spot, but two. If he can split himself into two separate entities, he can probably play both at once.

For most of us, 'Spoon replacing Peterson would be the best case scenario, so this is the proving ground we've been waiting for. The Chiefs have a decent passing game and a potent ground game, so the Falcons should get plenty of chances to showcase 'Spoon while Peterson nurses an injury.  Because he's already supposed to be plenty good against the run and need a little help in coverage, this is in many ways the perfect matchup for him.

So there's on to watch. I expect big things from Sean Weatherspoon tonight, and for hte sake of putting the best team possible on the field, let's hope I'm right.