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The Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Open Thread, Day Two

If you'd like to continue to talk about training camp, this is the place to do it. And if you don't want to talk about training, who the hell are you?

What'd we learn in the first day? We learned that Harry Douglas and Peria Jerry are reasonably healthy and have already been penciled into big roles, Jerry as a starter.

Unfortunately, we also may have lost Colin Peek. The promising undrafted rookie tight end, who came into camp with an uphill battle against well-rounded Justin Peelle and German wunderblocker Keith Zinger sustained what the AJC reported appeared to be a knee injury. We'll have to hope he's okay.

And thanks to the excellent work of our commenters, we've found out that the receiver battle looks to be an interesting one. As has been the case throughout his short career, Troy Bergeron appeared to show flashes of brilliance interspersed with nothing, and early Falcoholic favorites Kerry Meier and Brandyn Harvey received excellent and mixed reviews, respectively.

So with all that in mind, follow along closely again today and discuss. This is real, live football, pads or no pads, and you don't want to miss any more than you have to.