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Saturday Six Pack 7/31/10: Looks Like Mike Smith Won't Be Punching Dominique Foxworth Edition


1. Doc Funk: The world's funniest sportsblogger hands out free fantasy football advice, steering you clear of drafting any current NFL quarterback.

2. New York Times: New Meadowlands, home of the Jets and Giants and the world's most expensive stadium, further bridges the gap between sitting at home by yourself with nine computers and sitting in public with 70,000 alcoholics. It all sounds really cool, and we'll never be able to afford any of it, so let's act like we're too hardcore for it even though our stadium is air-conditioned in November. Readyyy, go: As soon as that stadium trivia app is downloaded for the first time, New Yorkers are forever banned from making fun of Atlanta fans ever again. We don't even read programs! I say we convince Mr. Blank to take down our scoreboard -- an elected rep from each aisle will keep score by scratching it into the Dome's steps with nails, and discrepancies will be resolved via eating contests.

3. Football Outsiders: "Roddy White sucks." (Paraphrased.) A photo of Snoop having an umbrella held for him.

4. Blogging Dirty: Troy divides his land, cattle, and wives into fourths, keeping the finest 75% of each for himself and driving the rest to North Carolina, and yes he knows how to drive land instant boss. He then notes the Falcons third-quarter offense has been among the league's worst since 2007. I'll pretty much link to Troy's spreadsheetery every time it presents itself.

5. Pasta Padre: Let's take a break from my NCAA 11 dynasty (SPOILERS: Kyle Parker Heisman, and the Washington Huskies win it all next year, not this year) to share this Madden 11 video thing of NFC South teams that features Mike Smith talking about current Falcons he likes, not former Falcons he'd like to punch.

6. SB Nation: Andrew Sharp laments all the fun left on the table by rich athletes who lack imagination. Also, there's this image: