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Fantasy Football Discussion: Does It Change Football For You?

Yes, this is another post sponsored by Yes, I'm going tell you to check out that crazy 50% offer for a Commissioner League over there. No, you do not get to object!

But that out of the way, I'm interested in an age-old discussion about fantasy football. When you first got into a fantasy football league, did it erode your support for the Atlanta Falcons? Does it consume more of your time that might have once gone only to the Dirty Birds?

I ask because it's something I've seen happen to friends. Somehow, the need to juggle a team of players from around the NFL leads to a diffusion of attention, and your actual favorite team is the one that suffers. I can't say that's happened to me, but then again, I've been a case study in devotion since I was a seven-year-old kid reading game scores in the Portland Press Herald over breakfast. Hard for a fantasy team to pull that away.

Your thoughts?