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Report: Peria Jerry, Brian Williams Cleared For Training Camp

In the wake of Harry Douglas being declared medically cleared to participate in training camp, Peria Jerry and Brian Williams have also been cleared.

Obviously, there's been considerable speculation about Jerry, so this is fantastic news. Now that he's healthy, the team has a potentially formidable rotation of defensive tackles. With Babineaux not immediately available, you could see Corey Peters and Jerry playing together Week 1, which would be pretty awesome. I hope they sack Byron Leftwich 45 times each.

It's good to have Williams back, as well. I'm hard on him because I'm wary he'll be starting for the team when he's clearly in the decline phase of his career, but he deserves the opportunity to try to earn a roster spot. The best case scenario would be that he fails to make the team, plays somewhere else for a year and returns in some coaching position on the staff. Also, he discovers a secret playbook that causes opponents' faces to melt. But that might be asking for too much.

Great news! Exult in the comments.