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Report: Thomas Dimitroff Just Says No To Terrell Owens

Just so we don't have to see the 500th FanPost this off-season about Terrell Owens, I present to you this:

"I don’t think (we’ll show an interest in Owens)," Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said during a radio interview Sunday. "We like the guys we have. No, I don’t see us doing that."


I understand the attraction to T.O. I do. He's been an incredibly talented wide receiver for a number of years. His production in his worst seasons is equal to a good year for Michael Jenkins. That all makes sense.

But I don't understand why some fans are clamoring for a guy who has never been a good clubhouse presence. A guy who is now 36 years old. A guy who is a complete and utter physical freak but is clearly losing speed. In short, a receiver in decline, which is exactly the opposite of what the Falcons should be targeting right now.

Now that the good Comrade has put this to rest, we can all sleep easy in our beds.