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Is The Falcon Cornerback Depth Chart Really Wide Open?

From the grain of salt department that brought you Peria Jerry's knee concerns comes this Sunday's discussion thread.

We're discussing a ProFootballWeekly report this time around, and it's got nothing to do with the defensive line. Instead, we're grappling with "some observers" who see Brian Williams as the front-runner for the job opposite Dunta Robinson. By now, you should have a pretty clear idea how I feel about that possibility.

The PFW report characterizes it as an open battle between BW, Chris Owens, Brent Grimes and Chevis Jackson. I think we can safely eliminate Jackson from consideration for a starting spot, unless he turns up to camp looking like a new man. That leaves Grimes, Owens and Williams. I've said before that I think Williams is a valuable player, even at this stage in his career, but he's no starter. Owens or Grimes should be given every opportunity to win a spot, and I fervently hope they will get that.

But what I really want to hear is what you think. Do you believe this will be an open competition? If so or if not, who will win?