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Saturday Six Pack 7/24/10: Kerry Meier's Swagger Edition


1. Cat Scratch Reader: Charlotte fans liberate NFC South content from behind ESPN's paywall. Said content claims Panthers have NFL's second-best crop of under-25-years-old talent, with the Birds following at seventh. Our brethren to the southwest and south-by-southeast, meanwhile, enjoy pinochle until 8 P.M. and listening to Rosemary Clooney on the singbox.

2. Battle Red Blog: Our Texans blog arranges the 2010 NFL rankings as they see fit. Dunta Robinson is involved.

3. Biz: Comrade to commemorate July 25 Soviet launch of Mars probe Mars 5 by pedaling 160.9344 kilometers in a single day! Has legs like factory equipment typically expected of Novosibirskian factory and conditioning of vodka bear Russian stereotype! Hail Comrade!

4. Blogging Dirty: Troy unholsters his calculator, hooks his Xbox to a solar generator, and charts the Falcons Madden 11 ratings from so many angles, though he does so with more toughness than swagger. (There's a new Madden rating this year called Swagger, and it seems to provide Toughness its long-lost ethnic complement. To rate a player's intangibles, first look at player's skin color. If white, TGH 99. If not, SWG 99. To wit: Kerry Meier has far less swaggishness than Justin Blalock, though I can't seem to recall Blalock ever looking like this or doing anything else for that matter. The massive public overestimation of Kerry Meier's onfield-and-off whitishness has been perhaps the greatest disappointment of this offseason.)

5. Blogging Dirty: Troy enumerates the sad, stupid history of Atlanta Falcons All-Pros. Short version: there are very few, compared to pretty much every other team (biggest surprise: the Oiler Titans have the second-most All-Pros per year of any team) -- like, even fewer than you'd think. We blame the regionalist media. Long version: go here.

6. Dallas Morning News: Mike Smith and his fists lead the league in two-a-day practices scheduled for this summer's training camp. DISCUSSION ITEM: Who's Mike Smith going to punch this year?