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Courage and Fight - Episode 002: Robert Who?


Episode: 002

Title: Robert Who?

Length: 53:52

Hosts: Adam, Jason

Guests: Caleb (Falcoholic reader Zippo729), Dawson Devitt of AJC's Bird Cage Blog

Follow the jump for show notes and download links!

Show Notes:

  • We have a new name!
  • How awesome is Dimitroff? Spoiler alert: Totally awesome.
  • The games on the schedule we're most looking forward to.
  • Adam's blood pressure is sent skyrocketing when we discuss the QB situations of our NFC South rivals.
  • The gang reveals, bit by bit, the awesome life of one Robert James.
  • BONUS: Adam, Jason, and Caleb discuss Adam's yearning for everyone to be as weird as he is when it comes to loving the Falcons more than college football.

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