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Filed under: Discussion: Are You A Fantasy Homer?

Kicking it on a Sunday with a sponsored post. You know how it is.

Basically, I'm asking today if you find yourself starting at Matt Ryan in your draft queue and clicking frantically, even if it's the first pick of the draft. Do you put having Falcons on your team ahead of winning, or do you believe the two are not mutually exclusive? Do people constantly make you offers that involve Michael Turner and Michael Jenkins, just in the hopes of reeling you in?

Personally, I've only had three Falcons on my team in the history of my keeper league, which spans five seasons. Those guys were Jenkins (!), Jason Snelling and Steve Hauschka. Sadly, no Turners or Ices in sight.

As usual, I have to remind you that is offering a pretty sweet deal for those of you who want to jump-start your own league. It's half off, and if you're into fantasy football I'd highly encourage you to check it out. I'm in a keeper league at the site now and it's a great one.

And finally...I'm missing the twelfth team in the official Falcoholic league over at If you're that guy who hasn't yet responded, please do so within the week, or your slot is in jeopardy.